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Image AltRabbi YC Sufrin is a certified mohel and a member of the International Bris Association. He received his training at the London School of Circumcision. Many have trusted Rabbi Sufrin with performing traditional ritual circumcision as has been performed for over 3,500 years, without the use of painful devices. Your infants care and comfort is Rabbi Sufrin's primary concern.

What to bring

Tallit(prayer shawl)


For yourself and for all your guests.

Cup and wine(kosher wine)

Sweet (not dry) red Kosher wine. The blessings for the Bris will be said on the wine.

5 diapers(Also Baby Wipes)

Blanket(Baby blanket)

To wrap up the baby after the ceremony.

Pacifier(Highly Recommended)

Pillow(For the ceremony)

Please also bring a firm A firm pillow covered with a clean white pillowcase.


Candles that will be lit throughout the circumcision ceremony.



Learn About Bris Ceremony


After Care

Your baby may understandably be a bit more irritable over the next few hours. He may whimper when passing water and may need extra comforting. He has double diapers on to give him extra padding, and to help keep his legs apart, don't be afraid to handle him – it won't hurt. He should continue to wear double diapers, one on top of the other, until his bath tomorrow. In all other respects try to keep his routine as normal as possible.

You must change his diaper and Vaseline hourly (even if you have to wake him) for the first two changes. It is normal for there to be some small blood staining on the gauze square or in the diaper. However, if there is any fresh bleeding (this is usually dark and sticky and will saturate the gauze square completely) then please call me immediately.

Wash hands well with soap before diapering the baby.

Day 1

- A fresh Gauze with a thick layer of Vaseline at each diaper change
- First 2 changes every hour
- Then change every 2 hours
- Double diapers
- No bath


Once the gauze packets are finished (about 24 hours after the circumcision) you must bath the baby. Sit him in the warm soapy water, just take extra care and be gentle with his penis especially when drying him.

Next 2 weeks

- A LITTLE Vaseline with your finger at each diaper change
- Change every 2 hours
- Back to single diaper
- Bath every day while the wound is healing


I can see the baby again if needed at about ten to fourteen days after the circumcision by which time he should be almost fully healed. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 443-474-0340.



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